Added more books to the library - still more to come. Added James Rader obit. Added Ross-Johnson, Gladow-Nelson, and Dennis-Rethemeyer wedding announcements. Added Kenneth Ross birth announcement. 6-4-2022
Added Archie Nelson / Anna Gladow marriage page. Fixed a problem with the Clyde Nelson page whereby there were two different pages and only one was being updated. Added birth announcements for Clyde Nelson, Vera Nelson-Johnston, and Delmar Nelson. Added two additional Carmichael-Dennis marriage announcements. Added dates of birth, death and middle name for Charlene Johnston-Gooldy. Added Dennis-Perkins marriage announcement. Added birth announcement for Musetta Thuma.

Added Charles Ross, Viola Schutte marriage page, Daisy Gladow page including birth and obit, Kathleen Van Pelt birth announcement.

Added many new books to the library with more to come.

Added Goldie Schneider family page and pictures. Added another Rebecca Dennis obit. Added Maude Rethemeyer and Ronald Ross death certificates to obit pages. Added birth and death dates for Clarence Thuma. Added birth dates for Edwin Coats and Charles Croner. Added death date for Eva Payne-Fairburn-Heimbaugh

I am going to start to standardize the dates on this site to the day/month/year format as I edit the pages. Current updates: Added Robert Ross birth date obtained from WWII draft registration. Added Ima Ross-Eggman birthdate and birth announcement. Added gravesite pictures for Reuben Colton and Blanche and Leland Smith and added dates of birth and death to their respective family pages. Fixed a broken link to the census images pages. Added 1940 Vernon Payne census image.

Added John H. Wood, Jr. page and birth announcement. Added Pat Barta Page and birth announcement. Added Michael Burton birth announcement. Added Sharon Ingram page.

Added Charles F. Ross obit. I plan to spend some time in the future creating templates for the various kinds of pages. This will ensure consistency in appearance amongst the pages.

Added Leroy Dennis obit and page. Added Alvin Moore obit. Added Carmichael-Willhite marriage announcement. Added other miscellaneous small changes like birthdates that I didn't keep track of.

Added Musetta Thuma obit, and updated her page. Added Berniece May and Neva Slocum page.

Added George & Eliza Schoon obits, and updated their page. Added Ethel Craig & Betty Christensen page and obit. Fixed a link problem with Leroy Wood page and added his gravesite picture.

Added Genevive Brooks, Perry Payne, Darlene Colton, Vernon Payne, and Archie Payne family pages, graves and obits. Added Absalom and Ann Ross' marriage entry.

Added middle name and 1940 census image for Robert Ross. Added several new old books in the Library section. Added Hazel Taylor, Edwin Coats, Alfred and Edith Ward's gravesite pictures. Added Leroy Wood, Juanita Snyder, and John E. Vaughn pages. Updated Melvin Ward's family page. Added Juanita Snyder and John E. Vaughn obits.

Added gravesite pictures for Francis Tucker and Andrew Lindsey.

Added gravesite pictures for Muriel Ross, Mildred Rethemeyer, and Dale E. Rethemeyer.

Added gravesite picture for Harry and Grace Lyda.

Added Dillinghman-Keitzmann, and Dillingham-Henderson wedding announcements. Added Thomas Dillingham family page. Updated Robert Ross page, added Donna Lee Ross-Marshall-Horton page w/obit

Fixed a few things I screwed up on the last update. Added obits for Florence Gladow, James Rader, Ralph Ward. Added Dillingham-Ireland and Dillingham-McGee weddings.

Added Robert Croner birth announcement. Added Craig-House wedding announcement. Added newspaper article on Heasty 50th anniversary. Added Royal Black family page and obit. Added George Schoon Obit.

Added a bunch of 1940 and 1925 Kansas Census images. Moved most of this page into the update archive page.

Added obit for Kathryn Van Pelt and expanded her family page. Added Henry Gladow obit. Added Lloyd D. Rethemeyer birth announcement. Added Muriel Ross page and obit.

Added birth notification for Leslie Craig. Added 1940 Hazel Taylor census image.

Added obituaries for Hazel and Clarence Taylor. Expanded thier family page. Added a few more articles the the Historical Reports section. Added several marriage articles and additional information from some marriage certificates. Added obit for Lloyd Rethemeyer.

Added birthdate for Kenneth Majors. Expanded Leo Payne's page.

Fixed a link problem in the Libarary. Added a couple more articles to the Historical Reports section.

Have posted the beginnings of the Library page here: http://chris-ross.net/libmain.html. Still have more to put on there, and will figure out how to format it into categories later.

Have from time to time over the last year made various updates. Most recently I have updated and expanded the Links page. I am presently working on a "Library" feature to make various historical reference resources I have acquired available.

I have removed the link Genealogy Launch site for the "printer friendly travel version" that I used to maintain along with the site. I have not updated it in years and have decided not to bother with it anymore. My site is about as printer friendly anyway as it is largely text based.

About a month ago, my old laptop with which I created this site on was put out to pasture. Since purchasing a new one (with Microsoft Office, so hopefully my spelling will get better), I have made approximately 100 different additions to the site; far too many to list. I still have many to go, and will be working on them off and on for the next couple of weeks. One project of note will be 1925 Kansas Census transcriptions.

Previous updates can be found here.