Spent more than 16 hours over the last 3 days updating the site by fixing various typing errors, adding several gravesite pictures, and many, many updates.

Added Gladys Black, Ethel Kahre, and Keith Tucker's Obit. Created Ethel Kahre, Keith Tucker's family page.

Added Robert Spragg's obit. Fixed a problem with Ralph Ward's family page. Updated Clyde Nelson's page.

Added Wilma & Harry Ireland obits. Hazel Craig marriage and family page.

Added William and Lowell Black, Robert and Gertrude Schoon, Nancy Payne, Ruth Duncan obits. Added William Black, Robert Schoon, Bonita Schoon, Ruth Duncan, Wilma Ireland family page. Updated associated family pages.

Updated Ann Ross' obituary. Added Albert Schulthess' WWI draft card. Added Edwin Craig family page and obit. Added Ellen Foster and Forrest Craig obits. Beginning to add the 1940 census images that I've found so far: Henry Applegate, Eldon Dillingham, Grace Dillingham, Lily Gladow, Delmar Ross, Leonard Ross, Marion Ross Sr, Marion Ross Jr, Marshall Ross, Perry Ross, Eliza Schoon,

Made several various additions.

Getting ready to explore the 1940 Census information that will be released to the public on April 2, 2012. Added Absalom Ross' birthdate, Albert Schulthess obituary and gravesite. Added Leona Rethemeyer-Majors and Hugh F. Moore family pages, and obit. Harry Lyda obit. More to come.

Added Lloyd Rethemeyer page and obit.

Added Cecil Nelson obit.

Added Grace Lyda family page and census page. Added Glenn Perkins page, and obit. More tomorrow.

6-2-2009Added the marriage information of Grace Ross and Albert Schulthess along with what his tombstone shows. Added information gleaned from Cecil Nelson's obit. Will add the actual obit later.

Added the obits of Mary Ann Ross and Sterling Ross. Also added gravesite picture of Sterling Ross. Added new birth information for George Schoon, Edwin and Edward Craig. Fixed an error on the Forrest Craig Family page. Added 1920 and 1930 Craig census. Added 1900, 1910, and 1915 census for Schoon Family.

I've been a bit neglectful of the site and it's been a good while since the last update. In fact, it's been so long that I've actually had to teach myself how to write HTML again. Added Peggy Spragg's obit and Taylor Michelle Sheridan's addition to the family.

Been a while since I did any updates, been busy with other things. Added Lauretta Schutte, Leon Schutte, and Mary Catherine Ross' obits. Created Mary Catherine Ross page. Added the children to the Leon Schutte and Harold Schutte pages. I hope to have more soon.

Updated Terry Torre page and added Deborah Sharman and Jennifer Warnimont pages.

Added Mary Briggs-Ross and Dwayne Denny, obits. Added articles on the Tucker/Romine double wedding. Merry Christmas!

Added Vera Nelson-Johnston family page. Added Anna Nelson, Vera Johnston, Omer Johnston obits. Fixed a couple misc punctuation mistakes.

Added Gladys Applegates birthday.

Fixed Evelyn Denny obit link. Somehow it didn't take when I origionally uploaded it.

Back from a vacation from the site. Changed front page a bit.

Added several census images: 1900 Applegate, 1920, 1925, 1930 Schoon, 1915, 1925 Craig.

Added some details to the Lillian Applegate page gleaned from the Iowa State Census information.

Added Evelyn Denny family page. Fixed Kenneth Romine obit, added Evelyn Denny obit (oddly enough on the same page in the same paper). Obtained Marshall Ross' date of birth and death through funeral records, no obituary exists for him. Added Millard Jesse's birthdate. Modified Ellen Craig and Judith Rose's page. Added Forest Craig family page. Added Eliza Craig-Schoon family page.

Added Maude Tucker family page. Added Maude and Homer Tucker obits.

Added Mary Catherine Ross birthdate. Added Hazel Romine and Clyde Nelson family pages. Added Hazel and Kenneth Romine, Edgar Fisher, Archie Nelson, Claude and Helen Perkins, Clyde and Helen Nelson obits.

Added Fisher Census page. Added 1920 and 1930 census images for the Perkins family.

Added marriage information for Marshall Ross, Nancy Payne, death information for Mary Catherine Ross. Added Nancy Payne Family page.

Added Terry Torre family page. Added Dale Rethemeyer, Dale Fisher and Maxine Willhite family pages and obits. I counted the number of distinct pages that I have written for this website and have arrived at the number 199.

Added birth/marriage information for Seymour Rose and Judith Rose. Added birth information for Rebecca Covalt, Donald Clemens. Death information on Daisy, Charles, and Robert Croner. Added Robert Croner Family page.

Added update archive. The update file was getting a bit long and cumbersome.

Added birthdays for Alvin and Thomas Moore. Added birth and death dates for Earl Ross and Robert Croner. Got promising leads on a few others pieces of info.

Went to Topeka, didn't find what I went for but the day was far from a waste. Added birth announcement for Raymond Ross. Added wedding announcement for Sackrider/Dillingham. Added obits on Ruby Moore, Eldon W. Dillingham, and Carl Dillingham and updated their respective pages. Added Neva Ward, Harriet Dillingham, Lil Dillingham, Wendell Dillingham, Grace/Carl Dillingham, and Eldon Dillingham gravesites. Added Roy Dillingham family page.

Added in everything I've found so far on the Edith Ward family. Planning a revamp of the front page, since I've had the site up a month now the grand opening motif has to go. Also working on a couple side projects that will be featured on the main page once it's redesigned. I'm also working on what to put in the "About Me" section.


Added Ward census images. Added Moore-Dennis marriage article. Added small correction to Maude Rethemeyer page. Located Neva Ann Ward's gravesite, but forgot camera. Will add Ward family pages tomorrow

Added Gladow, Croner, and Ruby Moore Census images. Added Betty Ross news coverage and picture.

Had an uncharacteristically fruitful day: Added Mary and Henderson Nelson Family pages, along with all their children's families. Added their obituraries as well. Located Ruby/Thomas Moore's, Rowena/Edgar Fisher's, and Bertha/John/Clarence Carmichael's gravesites and added them to their respective pages. Went to Burlingame, and again failed to locate Jennie Spaulding-Carmichael's gravesite. Fixed a small problem with Viola Schutte's info. Have Census images to add for Nelson family decendants, but that will wait until tomorrow.

Added Maude Rethemeyer Obituary. Added Rethemeyer family page. Also added census images for Rethemeyer family.

Have done various small additons and updates over the last week. Added the 1915 Marion Ross census image. Discovered Berlin Ross in the 1905 census, and am working to figure out who he was.

Finished the Census section with the addition of Kansas State Census and a few U.S. images I forgot. Also added the unknown pictures section.

Added the Census section. More census images to come as I get them. Added the following WWI Draft Cards: Carl Dillingham, Edgar Fisher, Forrest Craig, Hugh Moore, John Wood, and Melvin Perkins. Added some missing information from these cards.

Been busy answering correspondence and adding all sorts of names/dates.

Added a couple of family pages down the Perkins line that I forgot to link. Added recent Quad City Times article on Robert Spragg. Added some misc updates on the Baker line.

Added Joseph Dotson and Julia Dotson-King family information. Cleaned up some format irregularities on a few pages. This happens when I get in a hurry.

Added Robert Spragg and associated family information. Added Judith Rose's family information. Added Larry Ross' family information. Made a few other detail updates as well.

Website Launched.

Added all marriage info. Added WWI Draft Cards article. Completed new main page. Debugging for launch complete!

Added Ross Farm info. Added several picture pages. Added Robert Heasty info. Cleaned up a few site bugs.

Added the guest book.

Added a couple gravesite pics I forgot to add before. Added Helen Kenney's obit, and also added Helen Kenney, John and Gladys Applegate gravesites.

Added obits 5 more obits and added John Carmichael, and Rowena Fisher pages. Several other miscellaneous updates.

Added Gladys Applegate and John Carmichael Sr. Obits and updated the associated pages

Added the McKinley article, Musetta Perkins-Dennis obituary

Drove to Burlingame and after 4 hours discovered Blanche & Hugh Moore's, Vernie & Iva Carmichael's, and Rebecca & Francis Dennis' gravesite and added them to their respective pages. Maybe a return trip next week to find the elusive Jennie Spaulding-Carmichael's gravesite.

Located Clarence D. and Mary Ann Ross' gravesite in Kansas City North and added it to their page.

Installed new front page, new genealogy start page, added 2 gravesites (Marion Ross, Jr. and Clarence C. Ross)