Craig Family Reunion Held in Monticello

The Craig family reunion was held Sunday, July 8, at the Monticello park with 42 attending a picnic dinner. Present were: Mr. and Mrs. George H, Schoon, Donald and Donna Lea Duncan, Amber; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schoon, Bonita and Gloria, Marion; Forrest Craig and Ethel and Mrs. Thomas of Sand Springs; Mr. and Mrs. Leland Smith of Packwood, Iowa.

Mr. and Mrs. Cloyd Smith, Christine and Shelley of Birmingham, Iowa, Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Smith, Sherry and Michael of Two Rivers, Wis.; Mrs. Dora Craig, Mr. and Mrs. Duane Yousse and family, Mrs Gladys Black and Kathy Craig of Monticello. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Craig and Nancy, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Craig and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Long, Des Moines; Mr. and Mrs Clarence Taylor and Caryl Faye of Olin; and Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Christensen and David of Cedar Rapids.

George H. Schoon was the oldest person present and David Christensen was the youngest.

From the Monticello Express 7-16-1956 p. 5