Kitchen Shower Honors Misses Maudie and Hazel Moore

Mrs. Leo Gifford was hostess at a shower at her home Thursday afternoon honoring Miss Maudie Moore and Miss Hazel Moore whose marriages will take place soon. The room was beautifully decorated in pink and withe with large bouquets of spring blossoms. The presents were held in an improvised old-fashioned well from which they were drawn by Miss Marjorie Wark and Miss Delores Briggs.

Refreshments were served to the following guests; Miss Maudie Moore and Miss Hazel Moore, Mrs. Hiram Moore, Mrs. John Carmichael, Mrs. Crichlow, Mrs. Rose Shipley, Mrs Perry Marsh, Mrs Perry Jacobs, Miss Hazel Jacobs, Mrs. Glenn Merrifield, Mrs. Tom Crowe, Mrs. John Smith, Mrs. Elzo Gifford, Mrs. John Smelzer, Miss Irma Smelzer, Mrs. Upton Irwin, Mrs. Austin Shipley, Mrs. Robert Crowe, Mrs. Marshall Craft, Mrs. Charles Monroe, Mrs. Fredric Bull, Mrs. Howard Wark, Mrs. Alvin Briggs, Mrs. Dean Briggs, Miss Nellie Drake, Mrs. Lloyd Stahl, Mrs. Clyde Jackson, Mrs. Cliff Gifford, Mrs. Lawrence, Michell, Mrs. C.B. Wilson, Mrs. Robert Krill, and Mrs Gifford.

From the Burlingame Enterprise-Chronicle - 5-16-1935 p. 1

Double Wedding Solemnized

A very pretty home wedding was solemnized at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Moore west of the Prarie Center Church at 2:00 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, May 15, when their two daughters were united in marriage in a double wedding ceremony, Maudie to Mr. Homer Tucker, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Tucker, and Hazel to Mr. Kenneth Romine, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Romine. The marriage service was read by an uncle of the brides, Rev. M. A. Perkins of Robinson, Kansas, in the presence of immedate members of the families.

Before the ceremony Fred Cones sang "Until" and as Mr. Cones played Mendelssohn's wedding march the bridal couples took their places under an arch of lattice work decorated with pink and white crepe paper and banked with masses of iris and ferns.

Miss Maudie wore a gown of blue silk crepe with white accessories, and Miss Hazel wore a gown of rose silk crepe with white accessories. Each pride carried an arm bouquet of Johanna Hill roses. For going away Miss Maudie chose a navy blue suit, and Miss Hazel chose a brown suit.

Mr. Tucker wore an oxford grey business suit and Mr. Romine wore a brown business suit.

Boh Mrs. Tucker and Mrs. Romine completed the grade school work and entered the Burlingame High School together, graduating with the class of 1927. For the past eight years, they have been teaching in the rural schools of Osage county, beginning their work in the fall of the same year and closing the same day of the spring of the eigth year. Together they attended Kansas State Teachers college in Emporia two summer terms. They are both highly esteemed by their friends, efficient teachers, and capable in anything they undertake.

Mr. Tucker and Mr. Romine have both grown to manhood in their home communities where they are established in the respect and esteem of their friends and neighbors. Mr. Tucker completed his education at Sharon School, and Mr. Romine is a graduate of the Harveyville rural high school in the class of 1929.

Following the ceremony a reception was held for the guests, and refreshments of ice cream, white with pink wedding bells, and angel food cake were served by Misses Ellen Briggs and Marjorie Wickers. The brides' cakes were white with pink and green decoraions and each bride cut and served her own cake.

Amid showers of rice was well as showers of rain the bridal couples left on a motor honeymoon trip to the Ozarks, returning the first of this week. Mr. and Mrs Tucker are at home on the former Clifton Gifford place west of the Prarie Center church and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Romine are at home on the Cole place a short distance north of the Cain bridge west of town.

Guests at the wedding included Mr. and Mrs. John Romine, Mr and Mrs. Dick Tucker, Misses Hazel and Ethel Tucker, Mr and Mrs. Carol Romine and family, Mrs. F. M. Dennis, Mrs. Mary Romine of Topeka; Rev. and Mrs. Perkins and daughter of Robinson, Kansas; Misses Ellen Briggs, and Marjorie Wickers, Mr. Fred Cones, Mr and Mrs. Hiram Moore, and Hugh.

From the Burlingame Enterprise-Chronicle - 5-23-1935 p. 1