Genealogy Launch Site

The way I have organized my genealogy page is as follows:

I started with my earliest Ross ancestor that I can find, and then filled in the tree until it ends with me. Along the way, I fill in all the extended family pages with all the information that I can gather on them. This is often referred to as the Family Data Sheet format.

My sources include marriage records, newspapers, census information, and other records. I have worked very hard to be sure that my information is as accurate as possible. If there is information I don't know, I will put "UNK" in that field. All direct Ross ancestors will be at the top of each page and in capital letters. Click on the name, and if I have a picture of that person, it will take you to the picture page. Same goes for the birth information, marriage information, obituary, and gravesite.

For the most part, everything you will see on my site was personally researched by myself. That said, if you can add anything to what I have, please feel free to email me with whatever information you have.

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